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From Joe Rutney (Dumpster Diver Extraordinaire):

Listen up. I am just a normal guy, live in a nice neighborhood, drive a nice used F-150, and make a nice income. But, there's one big secret that makes me different from the average guy down the street. I make my income by raiding dumpsters! Sounds kinda crazy right? Well its not all that crazy. After all, chances are, if you found this website you already know a little bit about dumpster diving.

I didn't always have such a nice set up in life. Up until I was 18 years old, I lived in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Missouri, and never really had money to do anything. My Parents were both disabled, and my father was a raging alcoholic. I hated being at home. When I turned 16, I got a job flipping burgers at a well known fast food chain, and couldn't stand it. I worked there for almost 2 years and was about to lose my mind. However, it was better than being at home. Yeah, my life pretty much sucked.

I knew there had to be something better out there.

When I turned 18, I got my own apartment hoping things would pan out for the better. What I didn't know, was that my life was about to change forever. I needed to get some boxes to move my stuff, so I did what any normal person without much cash would do... I went behind some stores to search the dumpsters for boxes.

As you pretty much guessed, boxes weren't the only thing I found. Let's just say I profited $92 that day, and from then on, I became a hardcore dumpster diving addict!

I started documenting each and every dumpster diving spot I could find, and before I knew it, I had a system in place that allowed me to quit my burger job, and dive full time. I had finally found something that I love. Yeah, I know "You love digging in dumpsters?". Well %^$# yeah I do! Its like hunting for treasure, but its always something new and exciting. The things I have found in dumpsters, noone would believe.

I decided to share my secrets with the world, because there are just way too many dumpsters out there, and most of them are never even looked in.

What a waste of valuable stuff! That's why I created an ebook that shares all my secret tips and tricks to dominating the world of dumpster diving. I mean, I am only one person. It's not like I can search 10 million dumpsters all by myself! lol. So, I created Dumpster Diving Secrets.

dumpster diving ebook

Imagine Being Able to...

dumpster dives Set Your Own Hours! After yo u get a hold of my simple dumpster diving system, you will be able to work whenever you want to.
dumpster diver Never Pay for Birthday, Christmas, or Valentine's Gifts Ever Again! That's Right! I have 2 huge boxes of greeting cards that are in perfect condition, and you will too. Save hundreds of dollars on this alone. I teach you how!
best places to dumpster dive Have a dependable source of Tax-Free Income! Dumpster Diving is a lot like treasure hunting. Finders Keepers!
garbage can Spend More Time With Your Family. I'll show you how to map out your dumpster dives so that you make a nice profit, and still have PLENTY of time to spend at home.
dumpster diver Make a living as a Modern Day Treasure Hunter! I make my living doing this and you can too! I love the thrill of finding new treasures each and every day.
dumpster diving laws Plus MUCH More ....

What Is It Worth To You - To Have a Virtual Treasure Trove of Valuable, Re-sellable goods literally dumped into your hands EVERY SINGLE DAY?

Or Better Yet...

A Step-by-Step System Showing You EXACTLY How to Do it Yourself With Absolutely No Experience!

Imagine driving around for a few hours, and coming back with $300 or $400 worth of quality merchandise...

Your "play income" could sky rocket, in a matter of days. Just Imagine the freedom this will bring to you and your family! No more worrying about affording that next trip to the theme park! You can make a killer profit on the stuff thats out there.

It is just sitting there WAITING for someone to take it!

You could use the extra income to close out any debts you have, go on trips around the world, or anything else you want. Best of all, it's FUN!

What would this be worth to you?


I could easily keep these secrets to myself, and go on about my business.
But I won't....


Why you ask? It's Simple.

I realize that I am only one person in the world out of BILLIONS! The amount of free stuff sitting out there is plain ridiculous. The amount of un-monitored dumpsters (I mean gold mines) out there is hard for me to imagine.

If I can teach others what I know, I can help reduce waste, help people in this tough economy, and be able to sleep better at night. Dumpster diving is a great activity, so to me it makes perfect sense.



I am 100% Confident that this is the Only
Guide on Dumpster Diving You'll Ever Need...

Sure, I could charge $100 for this information (Heck I make that much minimum on each dumpster dive I do), but I won't charge you near that amount. I am very passionate about what I do, and I want to share that same passion with as many people as possible. That's why I am going to sell the first 200 copies of my Dumpster Diving Secrets for only $37 $14.97


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Here’s what you do: Download the product now and use it for a FULL 60 DAYS and if you really feel you don't have the tools to be successful at dumpster diving, and can't recoup the cost of my book, simply send me a short note and I will refund each and every penny of yours.

It’s not only a guarantee. It’s a personal promise!


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My eBay Secrets Guide will show you step-by-step how to sell on eBay, and make an absolute killing in the process. I sell quite a bit of my dumpster diving finds on eBay, and you can too!

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Joe Rutney Dumpster Diver

Joe T. Rutney
Dumpster Diver Extraordinaire


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